Day 5: Six songs you’re addicted to.

Hi. My name is Sarah, and I’m addicted to “Take Me Home” by Kyle Patrick. The song is from his first album, kp, and is b-e-a-YOOOtiful! I would classify this track as alternative, but I guess you could stretch it and call it soft pop –if that’s even a legitimate genre. I really respect him as an artist not only because he has an incredible voice, but because he produced all six tracks on his first album.

2. Robbie Williams, “Candy”. I think this song has one of the catchiest melodies I’ve heard in a while. It doesn’t get stuck in your head because it’s autotuned, three-note nonsense, but because it has really good lyrics and a nice beat.


3. “Because I Don’t Know How To Love” sung by FT Island. This is a KPop song –gotta represent! I don’t normally listen to pop ballads over and over (and over), but this is definitely an exception. Lee Hongki, the band’s lead singer, has got some of the best vocals in the history of…well, ever. The song’s lyrics are so genuine, and the melody is sweet and soothing.

4. All Time Low, “Just The Way I’m Not”. I would say this is alternative/punk. My friend recommended All Time Low to me, and I absolutely love this song! This is one of those songs that I pull when I’m exercising, riding the bus –yes, I’m an eleventh-grader who sometimes rides the bus, what of it? …Anyway, it’s a great song!

5. The Beatles, “Hey Jude”. First of all, it was impossible for a Beatles song not to make this list. I mean, really. This song, like the band, is legendary. I loved it before, but once I found out how it came to be, I fell in love with it even more. If you aren’t familiar with the song’s background, read about it here.

6. “I Should Have Kissed You”, One Direction. I had to put a 1D song on here; as GloZell would say, “I luv mah fifths.”…I regret nothing. The chorus is so catchy! Yes, some might say it’s cookie cutter pop, but if you isolate the lyrics they portray a teenage experience really accurately.

That’s all for day 5! I just realized after finishing homework that it’s 11:20! Bedtime for this girl! As always, if you have any interesting recommendations or want to share your favorite songs/artists, please feel free!


SarahK xx


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