Day 6: Five things you can’t live without.

Hi. My name is Sarah, and I can’t live without my earbuds. Poor things; I don’t think people give them enough credit and realize how significant they are. THINK. If you have your little music listening device and you want to listen to something, but don’t want to play your music obnoxiously loud for everyone to hear, you need earbuds! I love my earbuds; they’re like little warm fuzzies of awesome for your ears.
^…What did I just write.

2. Vaseline. I do love my lip gloss —it’s poppin’, it’s poppin’, but it does not do a thing for chapped lips. Vaseline is my go-to for everything from chapped lips and dry hands to shiny cuticles and makeup remover. Fun fact: break out the Vaseline around Halloween; it helps maintain pumpkins’ freshness after they’re carved! Who knew, right?

3. Bobby pins. Because I have absolutely no skills in the hair-styling department,  I normally just straighten my hair and leave it down. When my hair is up for TaeKwonDo, though, you’d better believe I want these side bangs out of my face! In this kind of situation, bobby pins are the only way to go. They also saved me in ballet; I remember being a wide-eyed, gawky second-grader, getting poked and prodded with bobby pins before every recital. Ah, good times.

4. Mechanical pencils. I cannot begin to explain my extreme dislike for regular #2 pencils; unless they have a grip and useful eraser, I have no patience for them. This dislike does give me problems; I don’t carry any regular pencils, so whenever someone asks for a pencil and forgets to return it (99.382% of the time), I lose a mechanical pencil. I think since I’ve started high school, I’ve lost roughly 20 mechanical pencils. *Cue the violins*

5. Dark chocolate Snickers bars. Let me repeat that: DARK CHOCOLATE SNICKERS BARS. Just let that sink in for a moment. I honestly doubt this item needs further explanation; it speaks for itself. …hold on, once more: DARK CHOCOLATE SNICKERS BARS.


Obviously, this is not Sarah’s Tips for Survival 101; if I tried to survive on earbuds, Vaseline, bobby pins, mechanical pencils, and dark chocolate Snickers bars…well, I wouldn’t. I didn’t want to resort to obvious things like air, or something vague like food. These are just some of the little things —ha, see what I did there? that I appreciate.

What’s something you can’t live without?

SarahK xx

P.S. Whoops! I completely forgot yesterday in my sleepy, zombie-like state to post the answers to Day 4’s phobias! Here they are with my apologies!

Zemmiphobia ~ Geniophobia ~ Ereuthrophobia ~ Geliophobia ~ Papaphobia ~ Consecotaleophobia ~ Pteronophobia

Fear of the great mole rat ~ Fear of chins ~ Fear of blushing ~ Fear of laughter ~ Fear of the Pope ~ Fear of chopsticks ~ Fear of being tickled by feathers

I guess you learn something new every day!


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