Day 7: Four memories you won’t forget.

Hi. My name is Sarah, and I will never forget having my first best friend. Let’s call her Regan. I met Regan when I first started preschool, but don’t remember the specifics. It was probably over something like which Barbie outfit we liked the most, or bonding over lunch: “Oh, I know they did not just give us half of an ice cream sandwich for dessert.” I do remember having some really good times with her, though. Our conversations were really insightful; “I like dark pink better than light pink.” “How can you say that?! Light pink is prettier ’cause ballerinas wear it on their tutus.” “That’s true…I like dark pink better, too.” This conversation was not edited for better blogging; we came up with that all by ourselves. Last year, I found a photo album with pictures of us, and decided to look her up on Facebook. I found her! After accepting my friend request –can you imagine how horribly horrible it would be if she didn’t remember me? we updated each other on how we were doing. She’s doing really well, and we try to stay in touch.

2. The last day of fifth grade. I’m not sure as to why this day sticks in my brain so much because not much happened that day. I guess the last day of fifth grade is pretty significant, though; leaving elementary school and entering the magical land of voice-cracking, pimple-covered middle schoolers would be a pretty big deal to a ten-year-old. The specific memory I have of this day is of signing yearbooks. At this age, everyone tried to be cool and use as much text talk (esp. HAGS –Have A Great Summer) as they could, even if the messages didn’t make any sense. I must have a strange memory because I remember exactly what I wrote in one yearbook: “HAGS! C U l8r in high school cuz i won’t C U next year” …what.

3. Telling my first crush I liked him. Oh goodness…it’s almost too embarrassing to think about. Not because I crashed and burned –he actually admitted he liked me too! Ha! It was because it was so disturbingly cheesy (I was an awkward middle schooler, and this little chat session was also via text message if that helps paint a picture), but I still smile whenever I think about it… 🙂


^Thankfully, this is not what happened to me, but d’aww 😥 …poor Andi.

4. Getting the flu in second grade. Why are all of my memories from elementary and middle school. I was having a really good day at school until I started feeling really weak and light-headed. Being the nerd school enthusiast that I was, I didn’t want to go to the nurse’s office; however, after almost collapsing in my chair, I reluctantly went to the school nurse. I remember being anxious when my mom picked me up from school; “Mommy, I’m sorry for being sick.” I honestly thought I had done something wrong by not feeling well. I was assured that I didn’t do anything wrong, and ate ice chips and chicken noodle soup until I was back to my happy, bouncy, second-grade self.

The memory is such an interesting thing; I remember all of these things, yet I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. Tell me your unforgettable memories, yeah?

Goodnight, guys!

SarahK xx


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