The BWG Awards

Dear blogger,

You are cordially invited to attend the BWG (Blog Writers Guild) Awards.

~Time: Now, behind your computer screen~

Happy Wednesday! Here’s something interesting I found online. Take a look.


Be honest with yourself. There is at least one thing on this list you’re guilty of…

So, congratulations to me; I am the official winner of six of these lovely medals! Please hold your applause until the end.

1. Not picking up after my dog —for the record, it was in MY yard

2. Borrowing something from a friend and never returning it —my friend’s swimsuit that I’ve had for the past…five months? No worries; I’ll return it ay-sahp!

3. Cutting in line —in my defense, it was at a buffet…does anyone know the rules of buffet lines? I’m still a little fuzzy on buffet etiquette; is it frowned upon to cut in line?

4. Cheated at board game —yeah, that’s kind of what six-year-olds do

5. Kept library book —a book I borrowed from my elementary school library…I donated it if that’s any compensation?

6. Made up statistics to support argument —Made up? No. Exaggerated? Ehhhhhyes.

*Cue applause* (If you’re in a public place and don’t feel like clapping, just type “clap” on your screen multiple times…if you’d like.)

So how many medals did you win?

SarahK xx

BeeTeeDubs: I’m still in the process of gathering lyrics for my NEW CHALLENGE so if you have any more suggestions, just comment! I’ll try to post it this coming Friday.

3 responses to “The BWG Awards

  1. hehe wow! u know what? I think all chocolate lovers (myself included) would have at some point of time be forced to take candy from the hands of an innocent looking baby 😛 ANd yea, i am not sad about that.. it was Bournville after all :O
    Please check oyt my blog too! :))
    aand yea, do u want some more lyrics? 😉


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