Acceptance Speech X2: Justin Bieber Style


Guess what?! I got nominated for two awards!

Thank you so much to Okaaythen. for nominating me! She’s another teenage blogger whose posts are really relatable and witty. You should check out her blog. It’s pretty fantastic…seriously, now.


Okaaythen, JB… (HA, see what I did there?)


Now, to the awards!

The Shine On Award

The rules:

◦Link back to the blogger that nominated you
◦Post the badge on your blog
◦Answer the questions give to you
◦Nominate five bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them
◦Ask the nominees ten questions


Right, then. My set of questions with my responses:

  • Top 10 most influential things in your life? My parents, grandparents, friends, books, school, choir, and church. (I know that’s not quite ten…*bites fingers nervously*)
  • (Practical) plan for the future and your dream one? Practical: Pack up and go to college, become an attorney, marry and have kids–one or two? Dream: (this plan is assuming that money isn’t an issue) I’d still want to go to college, get married and start a family, but I’d like to travel the world and write about my experiences
  • Dream holiday? Rome
  • What are you doing at the moment? T-Y-P-I-N-G. Typing.


…just kidding! I’m drinking soy milk and petting my dog, who looks pretty comfortable sprawled out on my bed.

  • Favourite person in your family? I think I’m closest with my mom; every day after school I talk to her for ages about my day and what’s going on, and find it easiest to open up to her
  • Real thoughts on everyone in your friendship group? Oh…this question could become its own post. (Hm, foreshadowing?) I’ll keep it simple for now. I love my friends, but right now there’s a rift between me and three of my friends. In the meantime, I’m getting closer to more people in my year who are in more of my classes, which I guess is  a good thing.
  • Got a bucket list? No, but I’m starting to wonder if I should make one.
  • DO YOU LIKE CHEESE? WHY YES I DO. I’m kind of picky about cheese, though; I don’t like cheese on a sandwich unless it’s toasted, but I love mozarella cheese with tomato and basil!
  • If there is one thing you absolutely have to do in your life, what is it? Travel to another country
  • Favourite colour? Purple, but it’s changing all the time

Next! Five *SPARKLY* nominees:

  1. MyGroovyBlog Her posts are always genuine and insightful, and it’s apparent that she writes about issues that are important to her. She’s just a lovely person.
  2. The Dream Hunter He really is a dreamer and encourages others to dream, too. His thoughts on love and life are really touching, and should definitely be shared.
  3. Loss For Words She’s a very versitile writer, and gives a new perspective to things. Check out her blog!
  4. The Love & Life Project I love her writing style, and appreciate reading about her experiences and thoughts.
  5. Okaaythen. Yes, she nominated me. Yes, I’ve nominated her before. Yes, HER BLOG IS TOTALLY AMAZING AND TRUTHFUL AND YOU SHOULD READ HER POSTS. …And yes, I should stop using caps lock.

My ten questions:

  • Why do you think you *SHIMMER*? Don’t feel the need to be modest; you’ve been nominated for the Shine On Award for blog’s sake!
  • What’s the quality you look for most in a friend?
  • Biggest pet peeve?
  • Why did you first start blogging?
  • If you were offered one wish for anything you wanted, would you take it?
  • Favorite time of year?
  • Is/was school a good experience for you?
  • Describe your best friend in a few words.
  • Describe your archenemy someone you don’t get along with in a few words.
  • If you could pick one super power, what would it be?

Whew, done! Now, number two! I know this post is obnoxiously long, but bear with me!

The Liebster Award


Again, “thank you” to Okaaythen. for her generous nomination!

◦Thank the person who nominated you
◦Answer the 11 questions they asked
◦Nominate 11 other blogs with less than 200 followers
◦Ask them 11 of your own questions.
The questions with my responses:

  • Dream date? Why yes, I do dream about going on a date. Ha. I don’t really have a dream date; I’d consider it great if I were in good company
  • Can’t look forward to? I’m not looking forward to the rest of this school year. I love school, but I want to be a senior already!
  • Favourite book? If I had to pick an all-time favorite, it would have to be the Harry Potter seriestumblr_ln2u2lfRDt1qlsbhoo1_500
  • Favourite film? “White Christmas” with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye
  • Favourite TV show? Law and Order: SVU
  • 10 Favourite (NO NOT ELEVEN, HAHA MOTHER FUCKERSSS! Seriously, shut up.) things in the world? Family, friends, books, the internet (if this isn’t one of yours you’re lying to yourself), music, words, piano, learning, sweatpants, and snow days!
  • Are you happy with your appearance? I mean, I can think of little things I’d like to change, but at the end of the day, yes.
  • If you could live with one person, who would it be? Mah best fwiend
  • If you could have your own village of people, what would it be like? Whoa, that would be scary…like a cult of mini me’s?
  • If you could be something “out of the ordinary” what would you be?


My nominees *I know this isn’t quite eleven nominees, but I’m ignoring that bit. That’s right, I’m being rebellious.

  1. Too Much Drama
  2. Lucky Wreck
  3. Okaaythen.
  4. girlwiththesilverlocket
  5. my heart beats for love

My 11 questions:

  • What do you consider to be your most interesting personality trait?
  • If you could speak any other language what would it be?
  • What’s one word you can’t go a day without saying?
  • ?sdrawkcab daer uoy naC
  • Do you use Pandora? Name one of your most used stations. (Okay, fine, that can count as two separate questions.)
  • Can you speak with an American accent? (Unless you do on a daily basis…)
  • What’s your favorite blog post (on your own blog)?
  • Any embarrassing, “I can’t believe I did that” moments?
  • How many blogs do you follow?
  • Something you’re looking forward to?

Quick update: Ladies and gentlemen, this post has now surpassed 1027 words.


I’ll take that as my cue to leave.

Again, my sincere thanks to Okaaythen. for nominating me, and congratulations to all nominees and their wonderful blogs!

SarahK xx

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