17, baby! Wait…isn’t that the awkward in-between age?

I’m 17!


And everybody knows what this means…ONE MORE YEAR AND I’LL BE ABLE TO VOTE! Ha, that’s right–no more Kids Voting for this girl!

It’s strange to think about; right now 17 years seems like a long time. 17 years=6,209 days=149,019 minutes=5.36468e8 seconds…that’s a long time.

The only damper on my day was that my best friend kind of…forgot.


It’s really irritating because there’s another girl (fictional name: Marley) who’s managed to wedge her way between us and has become really close to my best(?) friend–let’s call her Ali. *OH. Side note: Marley’s birthday is five days before mine. She made a big deal out of it and pretty much guilted everyone into remembering her birthday.

Uh oh, I see the Ugly Green Monster coming out–jealous much? I guess I’m just sick of Marley stealing my thunder all the time, but that’s another story for another post.

Aside from that, I had a pretty good day. I didn’t mean for this post to turn into a rant, so I just backspaced a lot of what I wrote (not that you can see).

Hehe…well, on a lighter note:

  • School talent show auditions were yesterday and I had a lot of fun performing
  • I got my second SAT scores back a few days ago (We’re getting close! Just a few more points! I’d like to see a 2 at the front next time around)

Well that’s all I have to say from the fresh perspective of a clearly more experienced, intellegent almost-adult (ha). First day of being 17=complete.


Goodnight, everyone!

SarahK xx

18 responses to “17, baby! Wait…isn’t that the awkward in-between age?

  1. I’ll be 18 in two weeks. *gulp* No more sweet 17. I suppose I’ll have to stop demanding that everyone treat me as this really mature and wise individual, because in 2 weeks I’ll have to put up or shut up. Nice blog, by the way. 🙂

    • Good to know you think 17 is sweet. 18 seems exciting, though! …But I see what you’re saying; the whole post-teen “put up or shut up” could be problematic.
      Thank you for the compliment! Your blog is wonderful 🙂

      • I suppose that the whole of the rest of the life after 20 can be said to be a post-teen depression. Yeah, I think the psychologists should latch onto that. Could be big. I see a whole field of research opening up there. And thank you. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday! That happened to me at my old school; my so-called best friend forgot my birthday when I actually brought a present into school for her. It felt good to have the fight and go our separate ways!

    • Thank you! Grrr isn’t it the worst?! I’m glad you guys fought the fight; that hasn’t exactly happened with us — in her mind, I honestly don’t think she suspects anything is wrong. I just can’t seem to find the right time to bring it up…I’m just afraid I’ll have this random explosion of awkward emotions (see, there’s that awkward thing again). *Gulp*

  3. I feel like we’re on the same boat here: you got your second SAT scores, annoyed of a girl who cannot frigging shut up about her own problems, we’re both 17 (you’re 2 months older than me though).
    Yay someone who gets it 😛 What did you get on the SAT (if you don’t mind me asking?) And when will you be taking it again?

    • Hallelujah, someone who can relate!
      My most recent score was a 1910. I didn’t quite meet my goal *frustrated sigh* and I’m kind of panicking because I have to wait until the fall to take it for the last time–right before early decision applications are due.
      How did you do on yours? Are you planning to take the test again in the fall?

      • Wow that’s impressive! I got 1740 on my second time, highest one in my class so far. Yes definitely, I’ll be studying throughout the summer to take it again in October. I’m sure you’ll do great! 1910 is already an excellent score as it is. I plan on doing early admissions for NYU since that’s my absolute dream university 🙂 (need to score at least 250 points higher if I plan on getting in though).

      • Haha thanks! I had a lot of trouble remembering concepts on the math sections so I definitely need more review before the next test. NYU, nice! I’ve been considering that school lately and want to visit their campus over the summer. So are there any others schools you’re looking at?

  4. (Sorry I’m replying here, but for some reason there’s no reply button on your last comment)
    Yeah I felt the same in math, I actually ended up getting a lower score than last time (30 points 😦 )
    So far there’s Syracuse in NY and Emerson and Uni of Boston in MA. I’m also looking at a few in Canada. I keep changing my mind about schools every time I revise my list 😛 What’ve you been looking at so far?

    • I just don’t like the SAT. Haha
      You’re applying to a few in Canada, too?? Same with me; my list is always changing which makes it really difficult for me to narrow it down. Right now I’m thinking of (in no particular order) NYU, BU, BC, Georgetown, UVA, and some others up north near Boston. The problem is a lot of them are so competitive and really expensive! 😦

      • Yeah I know, all your worth is summed up in one score. At least some universities allow you to send individual subject scores. Like for example, you got the highest in Writing on the first test you took but highest in Math and Reading in the second test. Unfortunately though, not ALL of them let you do that (NYU doesn’t for example -__-” )
        Haha yeah I’m spreading out 😛 I’m such an unsure person, plus it’s ok since I have family in all the places I’m applying to anyway. I know, I’m so annoyed (and shocked, quite frankly) when I find all these unis in the $50K-$60K range …


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