Updated Introductions: Meet the New SarahK

November 17, 2012: the day I created my first “About Me” page on my WordPress blog. I didn’t really have a particular reason for starting a blog–just wanted to spill my thoughts without using paper, I guess. Maybe the idea of writing to a faceless audience is what makes blogging so appealing. You get the opportunity to write for yourself even if no one reads what you post, but you know there’s a chance that someone will see it. My original plan was to update my “About Me” page on November 17 of this year, but oh well, life happens. I just read through “Meet SarahK” and realized that a lot has changed since the formation of my blog, so I think my blog description should change with it.

To celebrate the update, let’s listen to some David Bowie!

I’ll keep the old introduction here for safe keeping:

Hello, all you lovely bloggers, and welcome to my blog! #WHOOPWHOOP (Just a heads up, I kind of have a thing for hashtags…)

This is just a simple way for me to collect and document my thoughts. If you’re interested in reading what I have to say, I’d love to have your thoughts and opinions!

I’m just a high school junior trying to:

1.  Prepare herself for college (SATs –asdfjkl)

2. Survive AP Physics (Net force=change in momentum over change in time, and momentum is the same thing as…wait what?) <em>slight exaggeration; it’s really not that bad</em>

3. Stay grounded and keep sight of her dreams (I know, *gag*, but it’s true).

Since I am a high schooler, I encounter unavoidable awkward moments, have pointless arguments with friends, and stress over the small things #HIGHSCHOOLPROBS. I always get through them though, and hey, it makes for good writing, which I guess is good for you guys, right? I can be obnoxiously sarcastic at times, and am that annoying person who talks through movies and cries at every scene that is even the slightest bit emotional.

I write about what I think and see, my likes and dislikes, and include the occasional rant or gobbledygook –which is actually a legitimate word!

Here’s all you need to know about me: [Family + A good book + TaeKwonDo + Singing + Piano + Close Friends + Long Phone Calls + Funny Texts + One Direction (What? Teenage girl, remember?) + Good dreams] – (Stress + Bad Days + Mean People) = One happy me…it’s a simple equation, really.

Hope you’ll stick around and read what I have to say!

<3, SarahK


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