What’s the Matter with Frats Today?

After church this afternoon I was just casually browsing one of my favorite YouTube channels, DavidSoComedy. I hadn’t looked at this channel for a while, so I found a video from earlier this year I had never seen before. The video addressed a Duke University fraternity and its racist, Asian-themed party. *Disclaimer on the video: I don’t approve of the frequent use of vulgar language, but the video’s message is sound.

Here’s the invitation that was sent by the Duke Chapter of Kappa Sigma:

Duke Racist Party Invite

Classy, right?

There are so many things wrong with this that I still can’t formulate a full response. You can click here or here for some additional unsavory details about the whole thing because I frankly don’t care to provide any more details myself, but this got me wondering if there were any other racist/sexist Greek parties out there. Of course there were. Party themes like Pilgrims and Indians, Viva Mexico, Rapper’s Delight, and perhaps the worst of them all: Juveniles and Pedophiles.

Not all fraternities and sororities deserve negative reputations, but this sort of repulsive behavior is what builds resentment toward Greek life.

I’m still fuming, so I apologize for not being able to elaborate on the subject. If you have thoughts you’d like to share, leave a comment or email me at sarahkwordpress@aol.com.

P.S. I’m still in the process of collecting responses for my Blogger Memoir Book, so if you’re interested in participating that’d be great!

SarahK xx


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