YouTube: Take 2


Well, one more full day at home and then it’s off to gov school I go *gulp*. Jitters are starting to sink in, but I’m still excited! I’ll try to keep you updated, but in the meantime, thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.

Back to the blogging! Since my last YouTube post, I’ve discovered a lot of new channels that are pretty awesome. Here are some of them with my personal favorite videos:

1. DavidSoComedy. His channel mostly consists of relatable rants and society issues. WARNING: his videos contain some bad language, so watch out for that, I guess? Sometimes he can get carried away, but I’d like to think he’s just a dedicated YouTuber spreading news to the public with passion. DavidSo

2. Paint. Confession: he is my nerd crush. He’s a really talented musician and is very witty. Some of my personal favorites: Duet with Myself and Harry Potter in 99 Seconds.


3. ImprovEverywhere. This channel is amazing! It consists of a varied group of skits and comical numbers performed in front of unsuspecting public, which is obviously hilarious. Videos like Carousel Horse Race  and Who You Gonna Call? are really entertaining, and others like Say Something Nice are sweet and may help restore your faith in humanity.Improv Everywhere

4. MrEpicMann. Many of you have probably seen his most popular video, How Animals Eat Their Food. If you haven’t, I’ll give you a few moments to play it and replay it. The Patience Test and Seven Ways to Discipline Your Child are really funny, too.How Animals Eat Their Food

5. Emma Blackery. She’s really relatable and talks about teen issues through personal experiences. She also has very cool hair.Emma Blackery

Welp, hope this has given you some clarity as to why I haven’t been blogging too much lately; YouTube has corrupted my social life. Just kidding. Mostly. Also, sorry for bombarding you with links.

If you have any other channels or videos you like, let me know! To close, please enjoy this performance by ThePianoGuys, another group of YouTubers I enjoy.

SarahK xx

5 responses to “YouTube: Take 2

  1. YOU LIKE PAINT AND THE PIANO GUYS YOU ARE OFFICIALLY AWESOME and try Lindsey Stirlingshire channel lindseystomp (can’t link as computer is being weird)

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