The Fallen Warrior

The eyes are glazed
Feeding upon the remains of a hollowed spark
Chunks carved out as if pierced
By a bloodied spear during some ancient battle

His lips remain unscathed, untouched by age
Slightly agape
Poised in the wake of triumph
Or perhaps pursed in the brink of defeat

The solid features of a warrior
Framed by a cutting jaw
Shielded by textured waves upon his chin

A once brazen, noble chest
Now marred by grime
And the water’s discarded hues

How time can alter one so—
A titan once poised at the
Top of the Grecian pedestal
Now succumbing to time
Withering away in the depths
At the mercy of the sea

This poem was based on a picture in an issue of National Geographic. I don’t have a physical copy of the image and am having some difficulty finding it online, but if I find it I’ll add it here so you can look at it for yourself. I do remember the description, though! Bronze statue of a Grecian warrior found by a snorkeler after 2,000 years in the Mediterranean.

As always, please feel free to give any creative comments either by commenting below or emailing me at

SarahK xx

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