The Little Things

I am from Disney princesses

Forever revering Belle’s kindness

Combined with Mulan’s backbone

Every ballet recital

Pointed slippers and frilly tutus

Consuming seven-year-olds completely

I am from sticky piano keys

Stained with hard work

And concentration

The stories my hands have told

While on that leather bench

Say more than

Any unfinished novel of mine

I am from the little things

Every groggy greeting from my parents

On a Monday morning

Every wisp of air

Brought by the enthusiasm

Of my dog’s tail

Every satisfying kick

And accompanying kiap

I am from long nights

Spent huddled over a laptop

Silently cursing

Every essay and presentation

Slurping ramen noodles

Sipping green tea

Far past any earthly hour

But still pushing

From inherited drive and passion—

Stopping the metronome

Quickening my pace

Heading toward that pure crescendo

Yes, the title was named after my blog. I know, I know: “Awwww.” If you have any comments or creative suggestions, feedback is always welcome! Feel free to comment below or email me at

SarahK xx

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