A Smorgasbord of Stuff


Actually, since I got back, I haven’t really been paying attention to days of the week so the fact that I just recognized today being Friday is kind of a big deal. YoureWelcomeRight.

I’m currently at the point at which I can’t really finish a train of thought…so! This post will contain a variety of this and that along with everything in between.

To kick it off, some news: I would like to announce that I have found a new favorite TV show that is currently playing 24/7 on my instant Netflix and is consuming all of my time. The West WingIf you watch this show: ISN’T IT AMAZING?! If you don’t: WATCH IT; IT’S AMAZING! Bradley Whitford’s character, Josh Lyman, has become my favorite television character ever. I’m only on season 2, so if you’ve seen more than I have, spoilers are not welcome.

Next on the randomly generated agenda: let’s talk about my love life. Relationship Status YERP. This shirt may also be used to describe lazy days and the past two days of my summer vacation.

Moving on! I start my Behind the Wheel class in a few weeks so I can start driving to school this coming school year. I’m not really looking forward to the idea of driving under a considerable amount of pressure next to a complete stranger, but I understand it’s necessary.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey to experience the randomness that is my brain.

Please enjoy this exit music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu-xFvLaE68

SarahK xx


4 responses to “A Smorgasbord of Stuff

  1. THE WEST WING! Yay! I love it! I’ve seen all of them and still have them on permanent repeat 😀 Non of my friends like it and just tend to go – politics? Boring! – whenever I mention it! Which is your favourite episode so far?


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