Meet SarahK

“She had a lively, playful disposition that delighted in anything ridiculous.”

-Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Dear lovely blogger,

Hello and welcome to my blog!

This is my attempt at sorting out and documenting my crazy complicated wandering epic thoughts.

I’m a 17-year old navigating my way through my senior year of high school. I love listening to and making music, embrace the feeling I get after a good Taekwondo class, and like to think I’m a good listener. I’m also really susceptible to stress and falling under academic pressure, hopelessly awkward at times, and love love LOVE to overanalyze.

And here’s some more irrelevant information about myself:

  1. I believe any feeling or situation can be explained through melodies or song lyrics.
  2. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, movie, and soundtrack. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I’m currently in the middle of reading it for…I think the eighth time?
  3. I feel completely comfortable performing on stage or speaking in front of an audience, but can sometimes feel guarded when making small talk with a few of my own peers.
  4. I’m a grudge-holding champ. Not something to brag about, I know–I’m trying to become more resilient.
  5. In my mind, Winston Churchill is pretty much the most quotable person ever.
  6. I hate math. I know hate is a strong word, but we just don’t get along. English, Latin, philosophy, music: that’s my language. I like looking at the grey in things rather than just generalizing things into black and white.
  7. I’m that obnoxious person who talks during movies. I apologize. My friends have repeatedly brought this to my attention, but it can’t be helped. If a movie’s sad, I cry without shame–I’m including movies like The Lion King. Yeah.

If I haven’t scared you away yet, I’d love for you to stay and give your thoughts and opinions!

SarahK xx

29 responses to “Meet SarahK

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  2. I love Pride and Prejudice, I want my own Mr Darcy :’) And I totally get the whole not being able to sit through a movie thing, I can’t do it either! My friends just generally turn the volume way up so they can drown out my blabbering 😉 Also, I cry every time I watch Frosty the Snowman. You now know my deepest and darkest secret. Please don’t use it against me.

    Yours sincerely,
    The Mostly Confused Teenager.
    PS: check out my blog! 🙂

    PS: check out my blog! 🙂 http://somehighschoolguy.

    • Yes. Having my very own Mr. Darcy. That’s not too much to ask, is it?
      It’s the worst! It’s gotten to the point where if I try to ask a question about a movie I haven’t seen, my friends either ignore me or hit me with a pillow…
      Completely understandable; Frosty the Snowman is actually quite sad when you think about it.


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